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My Mission in life is to make 1 billion people become more Happier, Energetic, Lighter & Prosperous. My goal is to add more value into your personal & business life by sharing with you simple, practical & powerful tools, strategies & techniques.

I am here to make you Happy & Rich!

Rich means unlocking your spiritual potential, nurturing your health and happiness and using your unique talents to bring transformation in your inner & outer world.

I personally believe that "Happiness is the universal Truth; but Money is a practical Reality". Let us bridge both and achieve MORE in our life.

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Hot and Sexy Secret of Happiness


 This one post can add more spice into your life...

Watch this video to learn one of my hot & sexy secret of happiness.

Miraculously, you can also follow this happiness tip.
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by Murali Sundaram on Nov 13, 2015


10 Key Principles of Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs

"Nothinginlifeismoreimportantthantheabilitytocommunicateeffectively.”–Gerald R.Ford 

Are you an Entrepreneur who have to speak in many occasions or function?

Are you getting nervous to speak in front of a large or small audience?

As a business leader, we are filled with numerous client interviews, conference calls, meetings, product presentations, workshops, seminars, and public events. More and more business leaders realize the importance of developing good public speaking skills.

In this article, I  am going to share with you, 10 key principles of public speaking which you can apply in your business or social speaking engagements.

So, are you ready invest few minutes in reading this article? YES,
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by Murali Sundaram on Oct 12, 2015


How to end all your sufferings - one stop solution

Does your computer hangs or slows down when you open multiple windows?

Does your phone hangs or slow down?

That's because

Data cannot be processed faster when exposed to information overload. So once in a while we clean up our system or phone to remove unwanted temp files or cache memory.

Daily we get attracted to zillions of information - whatsapp, facebook, emails, books, magazines, media, TV, flyers, brochures, debates, discussions, talk-shows, seminars, workshops, trainings etc.

What are you doing with so much information?

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by Murali Sundaram on Sep 30, 2015


Why am I grateful to this Horse?

Did you know that the word "GRATITUDE" is a magic 9-Letter word & it always works! 

I am highly grateful to this HORSE because it saved me! This horse carried me through all the dangerous curves and bends at 14000 ft high in the Himalayas safely without anything in return.

Studies show that this one thing can make you 25% happier. 

It makes you immune to anger, disappointment and frustration. It's even been shown to heal pain and illness in your body.  That one thing is GRATITUDE - and amazing things happen when you integrate it into your meditation practice. Expressing gratitude is one of the happiness enhancing activity.  Read more to watch the Video below... ...Continue reading-->

by Murali Sundaram on Sep 13, 2015


4 Reasons to become an Author today

"All is not lost, all is not lost.
Become who you are,
It happens once in a lifetime."

Who Me?

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, consultant, coach, or business professional of any type, your success depends to a significant degree on how well you are known and respected in your field. One of the best ways to increase your visibility, credibility, and profitability is to become an author.

Yes, dear friend!

You can become an Author and you SHOULD start writing today and not someday.

I personally believe, that each and every human being understands the world and people around them in their own unique style. Either you mess up your life or succeed. Both ways, your success or your mess up can become a message to the world.

More people should do what I’m doing right now. They should sit at their computers and bat the cursor around — write full sentences about themselves and the things they care about.I have a selfish reason for my demand:

I have a lot of friends who are thoughtful, but keep their thoughts to themselves. I imagine finding notebooks under their bed & pillows, scribbling their unique experiences - which can be tens of composition books packed with little print. I think about what sort of a treasure that would be.

But that’s not why you should write.In this article, allow me share with you 4 reasons why you should write first.

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by Murali Sundaram on Aug 24, 2015


You must become an Entrepreneur & not just an expert

Are you an Expert in a specific topic or a particular field?

There is a huge difference between being an Expert & convert that expertise into a business model and make huge profits even when you are go for a holiday with your family.It's not an overnight success, but an interesting & profitable journey!

It takes a lot of hard work to establish a successful company and to keep it going. We are always planning, focusing, making decisions, learning, implementing, adjusting and standing up again after we’ve fallen. Entrepreneurship is quite a challenge.

There are many whom I know are experts in a specific topic or field.

Experts are a dime a dozen—and unless they work at monetizing their expertise, that’s likely about all they’re going to be paid for what they know. Experts are more like a self-employed, glorified No.1 employee of their company.

So instead of being an expert who creates products, your goal is to be an entrepreneur.. ...Continue reading-->

by Murali Sundaram on Aug 10, 2015


15 Body Checklist for Busy Entrepreneurs

Do you feel very proud that you are a super busy entrepreneur?

Endless pings in your iPhone, phone calls, emails, messages, social media, stream of tasks, many browser tabs, non-stop marathon meetings, morning to night no pause, always in a rush.

Is this how you live life right now?

Busy has become your bus(y)ness?

Being busy isn't better & it is quite exhausting. 

Abusing your body, your business will suffer.

Imagine a life where you have built a business empire which works on auto-pilot mode, money continuously flowing into you, your employees are very happy, your clients are very happy.
You and your family enjoying in Hawaii beach and you love going for holidays thrice a year.

All these are possible, only if you invest your time and energy on to this super gadget called "My Body".

In this article, allow me to list out 15 things you should daily as a busy entrepreneur.

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by Murali Sundaram on Aug 05, 2015


Himalayas - Valley of Flowers 2015 Travelogue Part 1

Every year, as part of Happiness Retreat I organize a trip to Himalayas.

This year in July 2015(25th July - 2nd Aug 2015), we(a group of 10) went from Chennai to Himalayas - Valley of Flowers, Hemkund Sahib, Badrinath & Haridwar.

It was an amazing and mesmerizing trip to the Valley of Flowers & Hemkund Sahib.

Find below some of the best photos from this trip Adventurous, Mindful & Spiritual journey from Chennai to the tip of the Indian map at the top of the Himalayas.

Yeah, we even went to Mana - The Last Indian Village, which is 3 kms after Badrinath.
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by Murali Sundaram on Aug 04, 2015


Do you know that ONE thank you can change your Life

Are you ready to increase your happiness by 25% today?

I am going to share a simple idea to boost your happiness.

As your life proceeds today, you may encounter many people, situations or events which may be pleasant or unpleasant.You may not like the quality of roads and complain about it.

You may not like the behaviour exhibited by your friends, colleague or a stranger and feel upset over it.You may not like the opinion or idea by your spouse and end up in an emotional fight.You may not like this and that and that and this.... ...Continue reading-->

by Murali Sundaram on Aug 01, 2015


17 Ways to get rid of Writers block or Dilemma

There are situations where no words flow out of my head, fingers do not type a word and I have kept starring the monitor for hours. Later I realized that this happens to every writer. It's quite normal. As an Author of 9 books, I have faced this situation many a times & I have learnt and applied many techniques to overcome this block to write efficiently.

Below, you can find some useful techniques which has helped me to write successfully. Don't take all at once. Take any one or two, apply it when your mind gets blocked, check whether it works. Continue the technique if it works, otherwise, just dump it and try the other one...

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by Murali Sundaram on Jul 30, 2015


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