Is your Life spiralling out of control?

Are you goals unclear?

Are your relationships in turmoil?

You didn’t even know what you want in life…

In our lowest point in life, when we are in that deepest pain, that we unearth what we really want in life and who we really are.

My Name is Murali Sundaram and as your Happyness Coach, I am here to help you find the real YOU.

All I need is your commitment to show up for my Happyness Workshop on 24th March 2018 @
Hotel Satkar Residency, Thane West

In this program, you will learn how to:


Date: March 24, 2018—March 24, 2018
Time: 09:00-05:00pm
Event: Breath@Work - Mumbai, 24th March 2018
Topic: Breath@Work
Sponsor: Success Habit Academy
Venue: Hotel Satkar Residency
Location: Thane
Public: Public

Mystical Himalayan Lake with Healing Properties

Water can Heal your Sufferings and Karmas in Life

Can you believe that your whole life can change 360 degrees just by taking bath in this lake?


Well, that’s the truth behind this Mystical Lake.



Every year I take a Mindful Journey to this Lake to purify my body, mind and soul.


Something very mystical and blissful about this place…


26 Questions & Answers for Corporate Managers & Leaders

Peronsal Interview from the Book Compulsive Living to Conscious Living

Are you someone going through lots of stress and tension in your corporate career?

This one article will give you lots of strategies and ideas on how to balance your work-life and lead a stress-free living.

I personally believe that,

Great Questions brings out Great Answers.

Recently I was interviewed by Author Senthil Raj for his newly published book “Compulsive Living to Conscious Living“.

This book features 23 personal interviews with successful entrepreneurs and influential leaders with their best practices and recommendations for you to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

In this article, I am going to share with you all the 26 Questions & Answers published in this book.

I would strongly recommend you guys to buy this book and get inspired.

Because, this is just not a book, but a workbook for happy living.

My First Facebook LIVE Audio Session

6 Different Ways to LIVE a Happy Life

I was experimenting with FB and surprisingly I found the new FB LIVE Audio instead of Video.

I enjoyed doing this 20-minute Audio Session…

Answered lots of questions like

  1. How to handle Social Media Addiction
  2. Advantages of being an Introvert
  3. How to handle Conflicting situations
  4. How to Identify your Passion in life
  5. What are the BIG 5 in life
  6. Gratitude & Happyness Tips

Press the PLAY Button below and enjoy the session.

If you have any questions…Post them below.

I will answer them