11 Important Benefits of Public Speaking

Public Speaking is the No.1 Money Making Skill

Are you scared to speak in front of groups?

Are you interested to boost your speaking abilities and earn more money in life?

If you are, then you should know how to conquer this FEAR.


The No.1 fear in the world today is Public Speaking.


The No. 1 money making skill for any Business Onwer or Business Leader depends on his/her speaking capabilities.

Knowing/having the best product or service does not guarantee success. He/She should know how to articulate and present his/her services either in front of large audience or to a small group of client inside.

All the more, he/she needs to speak and motivate his employees/clients to work more efficiently.

Public Speaking or Business Speaking is the No.1 skill to make more money in today’s business world.

Before getting to know the benefits, how about learning some good trainer tips for effective public speaking.

I recently attended a 4 day Train the Trainer Training course in BNI HQ, Charlotte, US.

We were trained by our BNI Global Trainers Robin Shuckmann and Vince Vigneri.

(From Left to Right – Myself, Murali Srinivasan, Robin Shuckmann, Atul Joglekar and Vince Vigneri)

It was one of the most difficult courses to prepare and deliver. Robin, Vince and their task force created an awesome course and trained us how to deliver the same.

At the end of my training, I asked both of them to share some useful tips to become Successful trainers and speakers.

Watch this video below (Ignore the sound around – straight from the training hall)- There is one Awesome tip for any great public speaker to learn from…

Here is what Vince says…

Did you notice their key training tips?

All your success lies in your

  1. Preparation
  2. Practice
  3. Audience Engagement
  4. Speaking Slowly

The “secrets” of great communicators are not secrets at all. They are simply proven methods of interacting with others in a way that makes them open to you and receptive to your message. As a result, they are more willing to be influenced by you, to buy from you, to enter into business and personal relationships with you, and to think of you in positive terms.

The art of public speaking holds many practical benefits that go far beyond delivering a project presentation or holding a successful meeting.

11 Benefits of Public Speaking

  1. You can sell your products or services faster and make more money.
  2. Helps you gain more visibility & credibility
  3. It builds high self-esteem.
  4. Your ability to communicate one on one goes up.
  5. Your ability to negotiate and win business increases.
  6. You are perceived as an expert.
  7. You can leverage your position through the power of platform & sell your products or services to a larger audience.
  8. It gives you the ability to inspire, influence and get results from your employees or vendors
  9. It opens up growth opportunities in every area of your life.
  10. It sharpens your mind – helps you be more prepared to think on your feet.
  11. It gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors

Whether your goal is to enhance professional growth, take your business to the next level, or inspire, persuade and motivate other people to follow your lead, you will have to learn how to convey your ideas in front of a group of people in a clear, structured and captivating manner.

And always remember, public speaking is an art & and a learnable skill.

Effective Public Speaking can be a real game-changer for Professionals like YOU who wants to get MORE in life.

If I can do it, so be YOU!

So, according to you, what is the No.1 public speaking tip?

Can you comment below…

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