15 Shocking truths why you are STRESSFUL in life

Intention or In-tension - How are you living right now...


Warning: This article is not for weak hearts. Read at your own discretion.

Right now, we are living in one of the most technological advanced era when compared to our parents & ancestors. Everything available in a click of a button.But can we carry this pride and say that we are the most healthiest & happiest race when compared to our parents & ancestors.

Our intention in life is to be happy and successful, but our life is always in-tension.Our intention is to finish work early and spend more time with our kids at home.

In this article, I am going to share with you 15 ways how we add stress into our life consciously. You can pick and choose any one and STOP doing it. You can increase your happiness by 25% more. Choice is yours!

1. Eating Junk foods and allowing our tongue to control the food habits

2. No physical exercise and not keeping this machine(body) fit & flexible

3. Not Eating & sleeping at the same time

4. Watching TV & reading newspapers so that mind stays negative 95% of time

5. “I don’t know what I want in my life” attitude/mindset

6. Not investing 15-30 minutes daily for continuous learning/self development

7. Believe that I will get some disease by 50 yrs since my parents had it

8. 24X7 think and run for money/survival

9. Develop guilt that you haven’t spent time with kids & family

10. Leading daily life based on colleagues/other people’s opinion & ideas

11. Not letting go of past traumatic events and holding on to the past incidents & worries of life

12. Not forgiving self & others

13. Not following any religious/spiritual practices

14. No time to meditate or pray for self

15. No time to contemplate on the creation/creator/god/who am I/what is life

This list can go on and on. But tell me honestly, Don’t you know that you should exercise regularly?

Don’t you know that you should not eat junk foods?

Don’t you know that you that prevention is better than cure?

Look at your family or friends who have diabetes, hypertension, back pain, arthritis, wheezing, obesity etc. They just followed the above 15 points sincerely & religiously.

90% of people believe that they will get some disease by the age of 50 yrs and that’s the usual way to lead their life till they reach the grave. You don’t have to follow what 90% of crowd does, because you end up in what they got in life. You can be the rest 10% who are very much focused on taking care of their precious body & mind.


You have only one body and there is no alternate available as of now.

Remember, Knowing is not doing; only doing is knowing. Make a commitment to focus on your OWN self from today onwards.

Be 100% responsible for your health & wellness.

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