My Talent My Strengths

Why and How to LIVE our Life with Purpose & Passion

FB Live Talk Show – Candid Conversations with Success Career Coach Leela Gangappa. Generally, I used to ask Questions…But in this video chat, I was answering all the questions….

  1. Why Self Awareness is important for Success in life
  2. How to identify strengths in life
  3. How to align life according to a larger purpose and live with passion
  4. Why we do what we do in life
  5. How to put the least efforts and get maximum returns
  6. How Parents should nurture their children
  7. One KEY Message to all YOUTH/KIDS on How to Become Successful
  8. Why I say Happyness with a “Y” and not “I” – What is the logic behind that…

What is your Money Psychology

Take this TEST and know yourself


There is always a powerful subconscious Core Story buried deep inside your mind in relation to your money.

Until you can identify and examine your Core Story, your outer financial life will be a mirror of your unconscious expectations.

It is only when you understand what your unconscious mind believes about your financial lot in life, and what it believes is going to make you happy or safe, that you have a chance to change the tale you’re constantly replaying in your head.

Our Core story is running the show. Taking this TEST will help you identify your core belief about money.