3 Questions to Super-Charge your Leadership Abilities

There simply isn’t enough time to do everything on your to-do list.

The truth? There will never be enough time.

The secret? Don’t try to do everything.

Successful people learn to focus on the most important tasks and make sure they get done.

In this Video, allow me to share with you 3 Questions to super-charge your leadership ability and get things done quickly.

What are your BIG 5’s in Life?

Your Happiness lies in your To-Do List

Do you feel like you don’t have time to get your work done and spend time with your family and friends?

We human beings have become human doings multi-tasking many things at the same time.

We are right now living in an advanced technological era than compared to our grandparents and we can work anywhere, anytime, to great effect.

Actually, this generation has more time than our previous generations(no hand-washing our laundry, no laborious cooking process etc).

So, why do we feel starved for time?

The answer is we have so much more things to do. Expectations on what we will accomplish in a single day have expanded, but the hours in that day have stayed the same from time immemorial.

That’s why you see, everyone advocating you to have a To-Do list to become more productive.


There is a flip side to your To-Do lists…

“HOW to Build your Self-Confidence and Personal Power”
by Brian Tracy

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HOW to BUILD your SELF-CONFIDENCE and Personal Power

One Teacher I really like and learned a lot in my life is Dr.Brian Tracy.

I can honestly say, that my whole life changed after attending his one-day seminar on 5th March 2006. That the turning point in my life.

Reading one book of Brian Tracy is equivalent to reading 10 books on the same subject.

Listening to his one audio is equivalent to 10 audio seminars.

I recently received this audio as a gift from Brian and herewith sharing the same with you.

Hope you listen to boost your self-confidence and personal power.


Are you ready for a 30 day Challenge?

Your Success lies in your daily routine

Do you know what’s unique about highly successful people??

They know that “Success is a Process”.

They are experts at getting important things done consistently. They are people who strive to reach peak productivity through powerful, well-rehearsed, and reinforcing routine habits and routines!

We have heard of too many productivity tips that often conflict with each other. What we need is a system. Creating the right system will get you closer to your goals.

The key to success is to have an optimal system and a consistent daily routine.

I’ve put together a list of some simple habits that will help you stay productive.

One Reason why I love this Organization

Changing the way the world does business

I am not going to talking about the philosophy of this organization,

I am not going to talk about the core values of this organization,

These two topics deserve a separate post.

In this article, allow me to share with you one strong reason why I love this organization after visiting their HQ today.

How many of you believe “Leaders are Learners” in life?

Ok, I heard your loud mental “YES”

What I found here in BNI HQ was brilliant and I just fell in love with this organization little more deeper today.

7 Reasons why YOU Should keep LEARNING

That's why we call Leaders are Readers in the world

Leaders are Learners…

Is there an end to learning in life?

But many quit learning once they finish their graduation.

Actual life leanings are not taught in your school or college – you have to jump into LIFE and learn it on your own.

I read minimum 200 pages per day on different subjects. And I am pretty consistent with this habit for the past 10 years.

I attend many training seminars, conferences and major learning events. I conduct more than 100 days of my own workshops & training per year too.

I personally got benefited with continuous learning.

Because it’s just not learning, but it’s all about LIFE Leadership.

Let me share with you 7 reasons to keep learning…

24 Reasons why Entrepreneurs like BNI

World's Largest Referral Marketing Organization

Would you like to know the No.1 reason for Business Failures?

Poor or Zero Marketing. Period.

The No.1 reason for failure in business is no sales, no cash in the bank account.

Almost 95% of companies which gets started, close down within the next 5 years and only 5% survives and 1% succeeds.

When a small & medium size entrepreneur starts his business, he either starts out of his passion or pushed into entrepreneurship because he got bored with his corporate job. The job was not keeping him/her happy.

Out of sheer passion and excitement, they get up few clients first, make such bucks and get stuck afterwards.

Soon, they realize that they need a continuous flux of customers/clients for their business.

Though 100% of them agree, that they have to build contacts and relationships, very few work towards it. Majority end up in many networking events and start scouting for new clients.