Class Attendance – 30th Std

This is how our class attendance will look like after 35 years if we continue to go to school every day.

Murali Sundaram 

327/ Class Attendance

School Name: Life

Class: 30th Std (All students are above 35 years)

Anger – Present sir

Anxiety – Present sir

Boredom – Present sir

Desires – Present sir (in full volume)

Frustration – Present sir

Monthly EMI – Present sir (in full volume)

Office Tension – Present sir

Sadness – Present sir

Worries – Present sir

Uncertainties – Present sir


Happiness – ??? (no sound)

Happiness – ???

Happiness – Absent sir

Peace of mind – Absent sir

Contentment – Absent sir


Class teacher: In life, there is nothing called sadness. Either Happiness Present or Happiness Absent.    Life is very simple to live, but many find it difficult to be simple.

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