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Once upon a time, in a distant city,

A tourist was strolling down a quiet street in an unfamiliar town when he saw a shop sign that read,


Curious, he entered the shop and asked “What products do you trade?”

“Oh, many things,” replied the shop keeper. “We sell peace of mind, tranquility, confidence, courage, purity, humility, compassion and above all, a happy frame of mind that human beings are constantly craving for.”

“That is fantastic,” replied the tourist. “Your business must be pretty good then?”

“No, it’s not as you think. People are not prepared to pay the price.”

“You must be charging a very high price for each commodity. I suppose only the rich can afford to enter your shop.”

“NO, everyone can afford, but no one is interested.”

“What is the price you charge for your products?”

“The amount has to be paid not with money, but by awareness of thoughts, feelings, and actions,”

Are you interested in buying Happiness from this shop?

This shop is very close to where you stay, every very close to you…

No Contracts, No Strings attached – It’s FREE!

“Just close your eyes and reach your heart”

Sit there in stillness for 15 minutes.

Voila! You have bought your happiness for the day!

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