How to handle any discomfort in 30 seconds

Think about all your problems in life – almost all are due to the fear of discomfort – moving away from your comfort zone.
Am I right!
Eating vegetables for many people, for example, brings discomfort.So does sitting in meditation, or or saying No to people, or even exercising. (Of course, different people are uncomfortable with different things, but you get the idea.)

And most people don’t like discomfort. They run from it.

So, How to become good with our discomfort?

Sit for 30 seconds in discomfort. If you’re averse to vegetables, try one green veggie today. Put it in your mouth, leave it there for 30 seconds. Don’t swallow. Keep chewing. Stay with the discomfort for 30 seconds. You probably won’t like it much, but that’s OK.

Practice being with your discomfort for 30 seconds and not more than that. Seek out for other discomforts and live that for just 30 seconds.

Magic happens once you learn to live for 30 seconds.


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