How to respond peacefully in 2015

1. Pause – When you notice yourself getting offended, frustrated, angry, irritated, disappointed … pause. Take few deep breaths.
2. Don’t act -Acting in anger is injurious to your own health. Procrastinate it.
3. Examine – the idea you have about how they should act. You are holding onto this idea, and it is in conflict with reality. Do not hold onto such fantasies, learn to let go of them.

4. No Expectation -Throw your expectations into the ocean. Do not expect anything.

5. Smile – Accept the person in front of you, and yourself, as a flawed human.

6. Act with compassion – When you stop blaming the person for not acting perfectly, you can then respond appropriately, and with compassion. Accepting reality doesn’t mean you don’t take action — it just means you let go of the frustration. Instead, you can act appropriately, and be more cantered in your actions.

Stop reacting to people or situations; Start responding!

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