How to schedule the first one hour of the day – My personal practice

The first one hour of the day determines your day, week, year & life. Here is a simple template I had personally practiced during my earlier part of my life. Good template for beginners.

If you do not have one hour, then accordingly modify the template. You can add or drop and customize according to your lifestyle. There is nothing called right or wrong.

First 10 mins – Physical Energization Exercise (Stretching, Basic Asanas or Surya Namaskar, Skipping, Jogging, Walking in your terrace etc)

Second 10 mins – Breathing Exercises – Deep abdominal breathing, Pranayama etc

Third 10mins – Silence/Meditation/Gratitude

Fourth 10mins – Read a self development book, close the book & note down key points in a journal

Fifth 10 mins – Set goals for the day – for the next 24 hour only

Sixth 10 mins – Close your eyes, mentally rehearse the day, pay your gratitude to your parents, family, friends, colleagues, company & the creator for all that you have right now in your life.

The timeline prescribed is only a guideline. You can modify the time allotment according to your interest levels. Success is guaranteed when you sincere apply this learning in your life.

You also watch this video and share with your friends.


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