How to Simplify Life & Stay happy

Life is not complex, we are complex. Life is very simple & beautiful. Leading a simple life is one of the easiest way to be in a happy state. There is no one single definition for simplicity and it varies from people to people, culture to culture or even within the same family. Here are few ideas to simplify one day. Happiness is happening in the present moment and not next week or next month. When you learn to simplify your day, you can simplify your whole living and live a peaceful & contended living.

Some simple techniques to simplify life:

1) Prioritize. Before going to sleep, determine what is your most important tasks of next day. (1-3 tasks or priorities). If the list is big, identify the important tasks and eliminate the rest.


2) Accept that you can’t do everything, know that you want to do what’s important to you, and try to eliminate the commitments that aren’t so important.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


3) Do less each day. Don’t fill your day up with things to do. You will end up rushing to do them all. Instead of trying to do 7-10 things & fail in 5, do 3 important ones instead. This will give you time to do what you need to do, and not rush.


4) Give space between every task and meeting for you to relax. There are many mental or emotional loops opened simultaneously when we participate in the world. You should give some time to close all these loops. Relaxation and doing nothing helps you to complete many mental loops and thereby avoiding stress in life.

5) Enjoy doing every task. Don’t rush. Be slow. Do only one task at a time. Avoid multi-tasking. Be with the process and not on the  outcome.

6) Stuff or Experience. When you have to buy something, ask whether it is really needed for life. Remember, happiness doesn’t lie in the stuff we buy. Do a scan of your environment where you are living. See all the stuff you have acquired. Instead of seeing as stuff/material, observe them as your hard earned money/time over there. Time & Money worth invested on experiences stays for ever instead of things & materials. They depreciate & diminish. Stuff is impermanent, but experience lives longer in memory

7) Be frugal & economical. There is nothing wrong in thinking economically. It helps you, your family, society & the nation.

8) Breathe slowly & deeply.  Simple living comes by mastering over your desires or your breath.   The former takes long time, the  latter is easy & simple with little efforts.  Be mindful of your breaths and do follow some simple techniques discussed in this article   108 Breaths to enlightenment


Now, just ask yourself this…










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