How to spend summer with your kids – 87 FREE activities

Your energy levels and activities can be determined by how much time and what you do with your children. These are some activities which I had personally participated/played/worked out with my two daughters (11 yrs and 7 yrs). Some activities may not suitable if you have boys. Please adopt a different strategy/activity with them.

1. Write stories together.

2. Play soccer/football.

3. Paint or draw together.

4. Create a fort in your living room out of blankets or cardboard boxes.

5. Go on a hike or trek

6. Have a dinner picnic at a park or beach or even your terrace.

7. Play board games.

8. Get up early, cut vegetables & pack breakfast

9. Go to a museum.

10. Go to a playground.

11. Play hide-and-seek.

12. Have a pillow fight.

13. Ride bikes/cycles

14. Build sandcastles in the beach

15. Rent/buy a cartoon DVD and watch together.

16. Tell stories.

17. Play scavenger hunt.

18. Make puzzles/sudoku for each other to solve.

19. Play card games.

20. Garden together.



21. Make sandwiches together.

22. Go to the zoo.

23. Go to the library.

24. Create/Help in working on a blog together

25. Create a scrapbook.

26. Make a movie using a digital camera and computer.

27. Learn to play music.

28. Finger-paint/Palm painting

29. Make play dough from scratch using materials in your kitchen.

30. Make lemonade, relax and enjoy.

31. Go to a pool.

32. Go to a public place, watch people, and make up imaginary stories about people.

33. Visit family.

34. Write letters to family or to a next door friend

35. Paint or decorate a room.

36. Make milkshakes.

37. Create a treasure hunt for them (leaving clues around the house).

38. Decorate/Embroidery work for a pair of jeans.

39. Do a science experiment.

40. Play games online.

41. Teach them to play chess.

42. Learn magic tricks.

43. Create a family book, with information and pictures about each family member.

44. Fly kites.

45. Volunteer for a social activity

46. Donate stuff to charity.

47. Compete for a running race together

48. Play music and dance crazy.

49. Write and produce a play (to perform before other family members).

50. Have a water gun fight.

51. Have a sword-fight (sword made of cardboard).

52. Explore your garden and look for insects.

53. Explore your street and collect rocks & pebbles

54. Go for a walk and explore the neighbourhood.



55. Go jogging/walking together.

56. Take pictures of nature.

57. Make up funny questions about each other.

58. Clean the house together

59. Do shadow puppets.

60. Make a comic book/booklet (my daughter love to do this)

61. Play in the rain (don’t complain to me on the cold later)

62. Blow bubbles.

63. Take turns saying tongue twisters.

64. Sing songs.

65. Tell ghost stories in the dark with a flashlight.

66. Build stuff with Legos/building blocks

67. Play computer games together.

68. Build paper rockets and play with them

69. Bake a cake and cut them for birthdays/special occasion/no occasion

70. Arm-wrestle, or have a tickle fight.

71. Learn and tell each other jokes.

72. Walk barefoot in the grass and pick flowers.

73. Build paper airplanes and have a flying contest.

74. Prank call their grandparents, using disguised, humorous voices.

75. Send a mail and ask them to reply back to you.


76. Help them to create a story in power-point.

77. Play Jenga blocks.

78. Create stories together with each contributing only one line at a time.

79. Chanting/Bhajans together.

80. Take them to your office event/programs.

81. Help/Contribute for school project work.

82. Make Goal Charts together(This one is very powerful)

83. Go for a ride in bike.

84. Go to parlour & Eat Ice-cream together.

85. Go to the roof-top terrace and talk about sky, stars & moon.

86. Sell Buttermilk or lemonade on your street

87.    Meditate together.

                                                                                                  Group Meditation Class – Mar 2014





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