Mindful Coffee Meditation

I successfully overcame my morning urge to prepare my own coffee. I developed my ability to wait for one hour for the 1st sip of coffee prepared by my mom. I practice the following meditation below. You can also practice this with your tea or coffee.

Breathe In – I am aware that I am sitting on my chair

Breathe Out – I enjoy sitting

Breathe In – I am aware of my whole body

Breathe Out – I smile to my whole body

Breathe In – I feel how my hands are holding the coffee tumbler (cup)

Breathe Out – I feel the warmth of the tumbler in my hands

Breathe In – I am aware of how my hands bring the tumbler towards my mouth

Breathe Out – I enjoy the smell of the coffee (freshly filtered decoction coffee)

Breathe In – I feel the tumbler touching my lips

Breathe Out – I feel and taste the coffee in my mouth

Breathe In – I feel the coffee happily going down in my throat

Breathe Out – I feel the coffee aroma at my nose tips as I breathe out

Breathe In – I am aware of all the energies this coffee brings along – the sun, rain, lakes, rivers, soil, plantations, leaf pickers, coffee factory, packaging, transportation, local coffee shop fellow, milk vendor, coffee maker, my mom and me.

Breathe Out – I enjoy this gift from the universe

Breathe In – I enjoy my coffee

Breathe Out – I smile to myself

Have a Mindful Coffee Day!

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