Natural Laws of Happiness, Health & Prosperity

Natural laws are like electricity. Whether you understand its functions or not, still you   receive the benefits of it.  Likewise, whether you agree or not, these laws continue to  exist and apply in every facet of our lives. They are very   simple and yet powerful. Some of the laws are:-  

THE LAW OF THINKING – You become what you think about. The Universe will create the circumstances around you  and bring people together to manifest the predominant thought in your mind.

THE LAW OF SUPPLY   There is more Supply than Demand – it is just a matter of Tapping into the source and the   Supply becomes visible. The demand of travel faster across the globe, created the supply to the airways. The demand of  more shops to cater the growing population – created the shopping malls.

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – This is a secondary Law to the Law of Vibration. Everything vibrates at a particular  frequency. It is through these vibrations, we attract things, people, circumstances towards us.

 THE LAW OF RECEIVING – What you put out comes back. As you sow, so shall you reap. The Law of receiving  explains that you will get (money, health, relations etc) directly in proportion to what you put out.

THE LAW OF INCREASE – This Universe is expanding since the Big Bang and everything is moving in an upward spiral  and so is your desire.  As Bob says – Never be satisfied with what you have.   You should be happy with what you have,  but never be satisfied – as we are designed that way. We are here to GROW.

THE LAW OF COMPENSATION  The more service you provide to others the larger compensation you will receive.

THE LAW OF NON-RESISTANCE   Energy flows to and through you.  Any blocks in the path of this Energy will cause a    resistance and will stop the good coming into your life.  Understand this law and create a channel for the greater good   to flow in.

THE LAW OF FORGIVENESS   Forgive others for their mistakes – Forgive yourself for your mistakes. The more you   dwell upon the mistakes and criticise others or yourself, the deeper you will be stuck in the problem.

THE LAW OF SACRIFICE – Sacrifice is when we let go something of a lower nature to receive something of higher  nature

THE LAW OF OBEDIENCE – If you work with the Laws and respect the Laws, you will be rewarded will all the good that you desired, without facing any difficulty.

THE LAW OF SUCCESS – You will be successful, no matter what you do. Nature knows no failures. You have all that is required within you. All you need is to gain the right understanding of the principles and laws upon which success is based and then apply the right methods of operation these causes until the success is earned.

THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT – Everything happens for a reason; for every effect there is a specific cause. This law says that achievement, wealth, happiness, prosperity and business success are all the direct and indirect effects or results of specific causes or actions.

THE LAW OF SUBSTITUTION–   This law says that any point in time, the mind can hold only one thought at a time. It means you can either hold a positive thought or a negative thought. You can substitute any negative thought with a positive thought and hold onto this for some time. Successful people are always optimistic and very positive in their life because they always think what they want to achieve and how to achieve it.


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