5 Levels of Leadership (Hachette Book Group USA)

Are you a Leader?

Do you want to become a Leader?

If so, This is a must read book.

This book has helped me to climb up the leader of influence in life and business.

John Maxwell beautifully defines Leadership means “Influence”

In this book, he explains the 5 levels of leadership based on your ability to Influence.

Here is a short summary of this book…

11 Important Benefits of Public Speaking

Public Speaking is the No.1 Money Making Skill

Are you scared to speak in front of groups?

Are you interested to boost your speaking abilities and earn more money in life?

If you are, then you should know how to conquer this FEAR.


The No.1 fear in the world today is Public Speaking.


The No. 1 money making skill for any Business Onwer or Business Leader depends on his/her speaking capabilities.

Knowing/having the best product or service does not guarantee success. He/She should know how to articulate and present his/her services either in front of large audience or to a small group of client inside.

All the more, he/she needs to speak and motivate his employees/clients to work more efficiently.

Public Speaking or Business Speaking is the No.1 skill to make more money in today’s business world.