What is your Money Psychology

Take this TEST and know yourself


There is always a powerful subconscious Core Story buried deep inside your mind in relation to your money.

Until you can identify and examine your Core Story, your outer financial life will be a mirror of your unconscious expectations.

It is only when you understand what your unconscious mind believes about your financial lot in life, and what it believes is going to make you happy or safe, that you have a chance to change the tale you’re constantly replaying in your head.

Our Core story is running the show. Taking this TEST will help you identify your core belief about money.

And, it’s buried beneath layers and layers of habits we’ve unconsciously created to deal with the script we’ve written for our life.

Would you be interested to uncover them?

The following questions can help you to identify your core story…There are no right or wrong answers…

You can record your answers in this online workbook…(Don’t forget to download the PDF after you record for your future reference)

What’s tricky is that there are aspects of the Core Story that are positive and can propel you to act in healthy ways.

All Core Stories have some element of wisdom and truth in them. They do work and have worked for us in the past, so they should not be dismissed out of hand.

After completing your answers in the workbook, share your wisdom or truth that emerged out of your introspection below…