Why 95% FAIL in Goal Setting

Did you set Goals on your New Year?

You had a big list of New Year Resolutions?

Do you still remember them?

We start our year with good intentions only.

But as time proceeds, we loose the momentum and motivation to follow through success.

Did you know, that 95% of people fail in their new year resolutions?

Watch this recorded webinar on “Goal Setting is a Waste of Time”.

Yes, this is very true, if you have chosen the wrong goals.

But very useful, if you have done it correctly.

In this Video course, you will learn

  • Whether goal setting is really a waste of time
  • Why 95% fail in goal setting – Top 5 Reasons
  • Why you should set it rightly
  • How to do it correctly and achieve your objectives
  • Essential Qualities of Successful Goal Achievers
  • 7 Areas of Life for Goal Achievement Program
  • How can I help you further

Click the video below and attend this FREE Course. Duration – 40 mins

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