Are you STILL Sleeping?

Crash Course on Spirituality

Are you STILL Sleeping?

Everyone’s path is different and they have to go through their journey/process of Karmic dissolution.

It is applicable to Business, Money, Health, Relationship, Disease, Disability, etc etc.

There is no ONE path…But,

All paths lead to the ocean.

The primary job of life is to identify the path and then stick to that path without distraction.

There are enough messengers in all the paths to allure you that they are right…Explore it full awareness but don’t fall for it. Explore it until you resonate with your path.

True Master appears in front of you when your longingness becomes stronger, guide you in the right direction, and disappears.

True Teacher doesn’t take credit in actions. Once the job is over, they disappear.

There is NO one to change in life, except the way we look at LIFE/Creation.

You are NOT responsible to change anyone or anything. Everything is right and perfect and flowing in the right way.

Only people at the lower level of energies are hungry for power, fame, growth, money, materials, etc…Are they wrong? No, they are just doing things as per their Karmic evolution.

All of us are evolving at different energy frequencies based on our Karmic tendencies. Understanding this at a deeper level can elevate us instantly.

There is Nothing Personal in this journey because it is HIS journey and NOT mine.

If you have read this far, its TIME to Wake Up!!!

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