12 Habits for 12 Months – Happy 2014!


One habit can change your life…

Do you eat too much junk foods or fast foods?

Do you play too much video games/online/mobile games?

Do you sleep too much?

Do you facebook too much?

Do you check your mobile phone too much?

Do you think too much on what others think about you?




Can you identify 3 non-productive habits in your life. Write it down on a paper. Dump those three habits completely. No partially or step by step.

Just quit them for 30 days. Period.


90% of our behaviour is habitual.

Your current habits determine your current results in life.

If you want better results, then you need better growth oriented habits.


If you want maximum achievement in life, then identify those habits which are pulling you down, which are non-productive, which impedes your happiness & growth.


Because, Habits delivers results.

When we were born, we were born as a blank slate.



Just Imagine, that you are a blank slate now.

Ask yourself,

• What changes/productive habits do I need in 2014? &

• What habits can I stick on to?

We all know habits deliver results. Our success & happiness of 2014 depends upon our new habits which we are planning to adopt.


• Make one change at a time for maximum effectiveness

• Create an accountability system/partner to help yourself to stick to your changes

• One per month means 12 per year.

There are 4 simple steps to form a new habit.

Step 1: Start exceedingly small

Step 2: Be mindful of negative thoughts

Step 3: Enjoy the process, savor the habit

Step 4: It’s ok if you fail. Start again. (This is the real key here)

Here is my recommended habit list for 2014


1.  All day Mindfulness

2.  Wake up early

3.  Exercise

4.  Meditation

5.  Un-procrastination

6.  Let go of expectation & comparisons

7.  Accept people & life as it is

8.  No Analysis or Judgements

9.  Contentment

10. Compassion

11. Building relationships & network

12. Increasing Productivity


You can create your own habit list for 2014.

All of us are creatures of habits.Reading this article will not change your life.


Reading is not doing. Only Doing is Knowing.

Remember it is not a sacrifice, your new habit is your better life

Good Luck!



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