20 Simple ways to live a stress-free happy life

From Joy we come, in Joy we live, and into that sacred Joy we melt.

Imagine, what happened today morning as you got up from your bed. You went to brush your teeth(hope you brushed today), had your morning caffeine or smoothie, enjoyed your bath, had a quick breakfast, rushed to your office in your car or public transport.

Back to back meetings, continuous pings in your iPhone, inbox is full and you have to reply back to your clients & shareholders etc. You hardly have any time for yourself. Your business or your job as a manger or leader is demanding more time & energy.

You have many unfinished tasks, customer problems to solve, employees emotional conflicts to resolve and above all the cash flow & profitability queries to the investors.

Busy has become our core busyness. Isn’t it so?

We go through these roller coaster of emotions by investing our time, energy & resources.

We hope to make money in such transactions, but STRESS gets added up a side effect & spend all hard earned money to health-care industry.


Are you looking towards a Peaceful, Energetic & Prosperous life?

Do you want to double your happiness this year?

Then, allow me to share with you some of my simple secrets & practices.

I follow certain basic principles in life which keeps me happy all through out the day.

With continuous practice, being brilliant@basics becomes a way of living. If you like this idea, you can pick and choose a few practices and apply it until it becomes your way of living. You may already be practicing some or all these ideas. Intensify your awareness & be mindful of every basic action.

Some basics I can recommend you:

1) Breathing & Meditation
2) Keep learning something new every single day
3) Helping others
4) Finding out what would motivate myself & do that whenever I don’t feel like doing anything.
5) Connect with new people
6) Contemplate on the highest
7) Some genuine anonymous random acts of kindness
8) Becoming aware of things or events around you
9) Looking at the morning sunrise
10) Looking at the stars & moon at night
11) Appreciate at-least one person a day
12) Silly walks inside the house
13) Talk with kids in different voices; Tell stories to them; Practice mimicry.
14) Strictly NO watching TV
15) Do the daily routines in the same order, so that you don’t have to remember them – saves energy
16) Share your knowledge with others
17) Give what you need the most
18) Thank your parents, teachers, the creator, all events, people around you every single day before you sleep.
19) Don’t Expect, Just Accept!
20) Eat at the right time, sleep at the right time

Some of the ideas above may appear simple, but not easy.

Each idea is like nourishing the roots of your inner being & in due course of daily practice, you will reap the fruits of happiness, peace & prosperity!

Being Happy is a way of living for me now…For that, you should become Brilliant@Basics.

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