3 Key Lessons learnt from this CITY Tour, Charlotte, USA

Can money buy happiness in life?

Segway Tour of Charlotte was one of my recent memorable experience.

I learnt 3 key things when I participated in this city tour.

We were guided by an amazing tour guide who took us through all the uptown of Charlotte.

Have you been there to Charlotte? If not, visit this beautiful town for its stellar beauty, cleanliness and architectural taste.

In this short 2 hour city tour, I learnt 3 key things which I am going to share with you through this article.

I came here to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend a BNI Certification training. BNI International HQ is located in Charlotte, USA. If you don’t know what is BNI, then visit www.bni.com, the world’s largest referral marketing organisation helping more than 211,000 business owners across the globe.

Charlotte is a beautiful town in North Carolina and a must visit place for all my fellow travellers/passengers.

It’s a long journey from Chennai, India where I live to Charlotte, nearly 21 hours of travel and hence I planned to come one day early, so that I can settle in the new ambience and climate.

Today being a sunday and a rest day, decided to take a city tour and our Googleshwara(the new GOD in town), landed us with Charlotte NC Tours (www.charlottenctours.com)

What caught my attention was the Segway City Tour, where we will be taken around in a Segway and explore the town.

I really enjoyed this tour experience with my tour guide Triviam. Watch the video below

There are 3 key learnings from this tour which is applicable to any business owner or a business leader.

  1. Love what you do. Whatever the work you do, perform it with passion, commitment and sincerity.
  2. Love the city or town where you were brought up or live. I was really thrilled to see the excitement of this tour guide when he started explaining his hometown charlotte.
  3. Invest in your experience and not on things. And more importantly when you are travelling outside your nation, never convert the USD to your local currency. If you do that, you will never enjoy life.

Can money buy happiness?

Certainly a big YES, when you invest in your experiences.

Things may give you a temporary happiness, but an experience brings you the same happiness whenever you relive it in your memory through out your family.

Can you share any memory of yours, where you invested money on your experience and not on things?

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