4 Reasons to become an Author today


“All is not lost, all is not lost.

Become who you are, Become who you are, 

It happens once in a lifetime.”

Who me?

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, consultant, coach, or business professional of any type, your success depends to a significant degree on how well you are known and respected in your field. One of the best ways to increase your visibility, credibility, and profitability is to become an author.

Yes, dear friend!

You can become an Author and you SHOULD start writing today and not someday.

I personally believe, that each and every human being understands the world and people around them in their own unique style. Either you mess up your life or succeed. Both ways, your success or your mess up can become a message to the world.

More people should do what I’m doing right now. They should sit at their computers and bat the cursor around, write full sentences about themselves and the things they care about.I have a selfish reason for my demand:

I have a lot of friends who are thoughtful but keep their thoughts to themselves. I imagine finding notebooks under their bed & pillows, scribbling their unique experiences – which can be tens of composition books packed with little print. I think about what sort of a treasure that would be.

But that’s not why you should write.In this article, allow me share with you 4 reasons why you should write first.

1) Writing is a therapeutic process

Writing is more like a self-hypnotherapyy. You don’t write for someone else. When you start writing, it heals you internally. You suddenly become light, relaxed and peaceful. You can unburden many of your emotional burdens and become more focused in life. You become healthy & happy!

2) Writing transforms your lives

You should write because when you know that you’re going to write, it changes the way you live. That’s the promise: you will live more curiously if you write. You will become a scientist, of your own inner world or of the natural world you care about. More of that world will pop alive. You will see more when you look at it. You will stop making assumptions and judgements about other people and start observing things as they are. You will find life more beautiful and interesting to live.

3) Writing activates “Law of Attraction”

When I have a piece of writing in mind, what I have, in fact, is a mental bucket: an attractor for and generator of thought. It’s like a thematic gravity well, a magnet for what would otherwise be a mess of iron filings. I’ll read books differently and listen differently in conversations. In particular I’ll remember everything better; everything will mean more to me. That’s because everything I perceive will unconsciously engage on its way in with the substance of my preoccupation. I have personally seen, after I started writing, I have attracted lots of new people in my life who are ready to support me in my mission of helping more people.

4) Writing helps you hone good habits

Writing helps you to become more professional in your approach. Being a good writer isn’t just about good writing. When writing becomes your habit, you will also develop the following side effects:-

  1. You can stick to deadlines at work or life·
  2. You will become more organized in life·
  3. Your facts become more accurate because you become a good researcher.·
  4. Your grammar and language skills improve.
  5. You may also become a good speaker.·
  6. You will become a thorough professional, right from a cover letter to your invoice.·
  7. Your ability to spot trends in the society and ability to transmute social issues into words improves. ·
  8. Last, but not the least, you will attract lots of followers in life. They will get inspired from you.

Remember, anyone can write. All it requires is a simple and scary solution:-

  “Believe you already are what you want to be. And then start writing like one”

So, where do we start now. So are you ready for a great technique to start with?

Grab a pen and paper. Not your phone or iPad or computer. Make this a tactile experience. Ready?

Now write the following words.

“I am a writer”.

Good. Do it for tomorrow and the next day. Continue this practice for the rest of your life until you start believing it.

Remember, before others will believe what is true about you, you will have to believe it yourself.

Your first step towards becoming an Author starts with this simple practice.


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