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Position Vacant – CEO

Company Name – LIFE International

Work Time – Always in the “NOW”, 24 hrs, 365 days for 100 years (No retirement)

Job Description:-
1. Set a clear vision & purpose for your life

2. Achieve daily, monthly, quarterly & yearly targets to accrue happiness as profits

3. Maintain monthly Balance sheet of emotional accounts in life

4. Service the body regularly – Eat healthy food, sleep well, exercise daily

5. Train the mind to live in the “NOW”

6. Unburden emotional burdens regularly & avoid

7. Meditate daily to uplift company energy levels

8. Do one random acts of kindness as part of CSR activity

Top 8 Skills required are:-

1. Vision

2. Awareness

3. Acceptance

4. Compassion

5. Modesty

6. Economy

7. Peace & Happiness

8. Contentment


CTC – 100% share holding – so keep all your profits (Management is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred during the tenure).
Are you ready to work as the CEO of your own Life International?
If NO, You may be interested to apply in our other companies like Un-Happiness Pvt Ltd., STRESS International, Loans & Debts Incorporation, ICU Services, Depression Unlimited & Angry Man.


If YES, you are appointed right NOW!

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