Art of Dying – 15 powerful ways to die faster

Warning: This post is not for weak hearts.

Read at your own discretion.I am going to share with you few easy ways to die.

Many experts are already available. I am only compiling the facts. You are free to follow or ignore this..

1. Eating Junk foods and allow the tongue to control self

2. No physical exercise and not keeping this machine fit & flexible

3. Not Eating & sleeping at the same time

4. Watching TV & reading newspapers so that mind stays negative 95% of time

5. “I don’t know what I want in my life” attitude/mindset

6. Do not invest 30 minutes daily for continuous learning

7. Believe that I will get some disease by 50 since my parents had

8. 24X7 think and run for money/survival

9. Develop guilt that you haven’t spent time with kids & family

10. Leading daily life based on other people’s opinion

11. Not letting go of past traumatic events and holding on to past incidents & worries of life

12. Not forgiving self & others

13. Not following any religious/spiritual practices

14. No time to meditate or pray for self

15. No time to contemplate on the creation/creator/god/who am I/what is life

Are you in the process of dying or in the process of living?

Choice is yours – You can choose to die like everyone else(95% crowd) or choose to live healthily & happily(5% crowd)!

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