Art of Public Speaking – Business Owners Only

The number 1 money making skill for an Entrepreneur depends on his/her speaking capabilities.

Having the best product or service does not guarantee success to a business owner. He/She should know how to articulate and present his/her business either in front of large audience or to a small group of client inside.

All the more, he/she needs to speak and motivate his employees to work more efficiently.
Public Speaking or Business Speaking is the No.1 skill to make more money in the business.


The No.1 fear in the world today is Public Speaking.

Remember, Effective Public Speaking can be a real game-changer for Business Owners.

Importance of public speaking

1. You can sell your products or services faster and make more money.
2. Helps you gain more visibility & credibility
3. It builds high self esteem.
4. Your ability to communicate one on one goes up.
5. Your ability to negotiate and win business increases.
6. You are perceived as an expert.
7. You can leverage your position through the power of platform & sell your products or
services to a larger audience.
8. It gives you the ability to inspire, influence and get results from your employees or
9. It opens up growth opportunities in every area of your life.
10. It sharpens your mind – helps you be more prepared to think on your feet.
11. It gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors

What you will learn in this course

1) Dealing With Your Nerves
2) Preparing for the Presentation – How to prepare a speech
3) How to Influence Your Audience
4) Learn the power of Body Language and Tone of Voice
5) Gain confidence to face any audience
6) Techniques to Overcome stage fright
7) 36 parameters of charismatic presentation
8) Deliver impromptu speeches and think on your feet
9) Presentation practice and coaching
10) Power of story-telling
11) Learn the Do’s & don’ts of Public/Business Speaking
12) Learn the secrets of greatest public speakers in the world


1) This intensive program involves homework, photography, audio & video recordings along with self & peer assessments.

2) Program involves hands-on, practical, intensive & personal coaching.

3) You will learn to get rid of your fear & present confidently after this workshop. You will also learn how to design and deliver powerful presentation.

4) The tuition fee for this course is Rs.10,000/- and to be paid fully paid before commencement of the course.

5) I commit to a 100% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied at the end of the course.

6) You have to attend both the days of training.

7) Course will be followed up by monthly once alumni meeting. You will know more about this during the course.

8) For payment options please contact 99400 76608/044-65256608

9) Venue : TNCA Club, Gate No.10, MA Chidambaram Stadium, 5, Victoria Hostel Road, Chepauk, Chennai – 600005.


Day 1:
07.30 am – 8.00 am (Breakfast)
08.00 am – 19.00 hrs

Day 2:
07.30 – 8.00 am (Breakfast)
08.00 – 17.00 hrs

Course includes Breakfast, Coffee, Lunch, Course materials.
Dress Code: Business Casuals

REGISTER NOW – Call 99400 76608/ 044- 65256608


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