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Why and How to LIVE our Life with Purpose & Passion

FB Live Talk Show – Candid Conversations with Success Career Coach Leela Gangappa. Generally, I used to ask Questions…But in this video chat, I was answering all the questions….

  1. Why Self Awareness is important for Success in life
  2. How to identify strengths in life
  3. How to align life according to a larger purpose and live with passion
  4. Why we do what we do in life
  5. How to put the least efforts and get maximum returns
  6. How Parents should nurture their children
  7. One KEY Message to all YOUTH/KIDS on How to Become Successful
  8. Why I say Happyness with a “Y” and not “I” – What is the logic behind that…

How to get rid of Negative Thoughts and few more…

FB Live Q & A session on 10th April 2018

Through this Recorded FB Live Q&A session, you will learn

1) How to handle negative thoughts

2) How to calm yourself quickly in 1 minute

3) How to speak confidently

4) Two Tips to become more productive

5) How to handle other’s ill-intention

6) Unemployability problems – the best way to handle

7) How to Negotiate

Also enjoy the new way of FB Live Streaming…

26 Questions & Answers for Corporate Managers & Leaders

Peronsal Interview from the Book Compulsive Living to Conscious Living

Are you someone going through lots of stress and tension in your corporate career?

This one article will give you lots of strategies and ideas on how to balance your work-life and lead a stress-free living.

I personally believe that,

Great Questions brings out Great Answers.

Recently I was interviewed by Author Senthil Raj for his newly published book “Compulsive Living to Conscious Living“.

This book features 23 personal interviews with successful entrepreneurs and influential leaders with their best practices and recommendations for you to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

In this article, I am going to share with you all the 26 Questions & Answers published in this book.

I would strongly recommend you guys to buy this book and get inspired.

Because, this is just not a book, but a workbook for happy living.