Himalayas Calling YOU…

My whole life changed when I went to the Himalayas and took bath in this Ice-Cold Freezing Lake 14000 Ft high in the Himalayas.

I quickly realised that,

Your Life is a process of adding more, subtracting or dissolving your Karmas in your life.

Whether you like it or not, whether you understand it or not,

Your Life is determined by the Law of Karma.

Whatever you are going through in your life is because of all the Karmas YOU have manufactured till date – Both good or bad!

This journey will help you to heal your karmas by dissolving them in the pure air and water in the Himalayas.

You will be truly blessed for higher success, happiness, health and wealth.

I have taken this as a mission to heal 1000 people in next 5 years!

What is Law of Karma?

Swami Parthasarathy of Vedanta World says,

From the very beginning of the world, a cause-effect relationship was engrained in it. Coconut seed has always produced coconut tree and coconut tree produced coconut seed. The egg has been the cause of hen and hen the cause of egg. The phenomenon of this world is nothing but a play of cause and effect. The rule of the law of causation.
The individual is also subject to this law. The law operates at the physical, mental and intellectual levels of your personality.
Law of causation applicable to man falls under two heads. They are the law of destiny and the law of karma.
Law of destiny connects your past with your present status. Whereas law of karma deals with your past, present and future.
Some say that whatever happens, happens with the will of God. That God does everything. Others deny it. They say that whatever happens, happens with man’s efforts. Vedanta says that both are right. They are like two children arguing over the motion of the car. One child says petrol is responsible for the motion of the car. The other child says the engine is responsible for it.

Five Destinations we travel to heal our karmas are:-

1) Haridwar
2) Valley of Flowers
3) Hemkund lake
4) Badrinath & Mana(provided no landslide happens)
5) Auli – India’s Switzerland

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Once in your lifetime, we should trek(mild to moderate trek only) to these places to dissolve your karmas

1)We will immerse ourselves in the Holiness of Ganga Aarthi….A Soulful Prayer to the mighty River Ganges.

2) Valley of Flowers is an 87 Sq KM World Heritage Site with world’s best flowers you would probably never see anywhere in the world. This place is believed to be filled with Angels & Fairies. You are blessed and healed by them.

3) Hemkund – A lake formed from the melting glacier of 7 Peaks of Himalayas. Taking 7 dips in this lake clears all blocks in your chakras and dissolves your Karmas.

4) Badrinath – A must visit place to be blessed with Prosperity

5) Mana – The last Village of India and a historical location where you will be blessed by Ved Vyas who wrote the Mahabharata.

6) Auli – This is the dessert of this trip – The Switzerland of India – You are surrounded by 180 degrees of Himalayan Peak and we will be trekking through some of the best green meadows.

Watch these Videos of the last year Heal Your Karma Journey

Taking a dip in this lake at 14,000 Ft high in the Himalayas has proven to dissolve all your karmas

Watch some of our participants feedback about their inner journey of 2016

Limited Seats only.

Read the whole travelogue of 2017 Journey, photos, videos and feedback by our participants

Himalayas 2017 – An Experience of a Life Time

If you are keen to dissolve your karmas, take your life to your next level, take this opportunity to liberate yourself from all your sufferings & stress in your life.

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Program Start Date:- Saturday, 04th Aug 2018 (You need to reach Dehradun Airport before 2 pm)

Program End Date:- Sunday, 12 Aug 2018(You can plan your departure from Dehradun Airport after 10 am)

For any queries send an email to murali@happynesscoach.co.in

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Date: August 4, 2018—August 12, 2018
Event: Heal Your Karma - Himalayan Cleansing Journey
Topic: Heal Your Karma
Sponsor: Murali Sundaram
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