Four minute happiness technique


Can you invest 4 mins for your happiness?

Then, let me share with you two 2 minutes technique. You can’t strengthen your muscle just by reading a fitness book. You have to do  it. Similarly you can’t become happy just by reading this status update. You have to do it, build your happiness muscle.

First 2 mins – Without break for continuous two mins, bring your awareness to your breath. Feel the air going in and coming out. Just  be only with the breath for 2 mins. As simple as that.

Next 2 mins – Sit for the next 2 mins without any agenda and do nothing. Just simply sit without any agenda or thinking. Just observe  things or events or people as it is without any judgements.

You can mix and match both the techniques and you can practice at any time of the day. You can even do it each for one minute also. More you practice it, more you will be happy.

Every time you practice this, happy chemicals are released in your brain which keeps your calm & clear.


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