How to end all your sufferings

2 Simple Steps to become MORE Happy & Peaceful

Does your computer hangs or slows down when you open multiple windows?


Does your phone hangs or slow down?


That’s because,


Data cannot be processed faster when exposed to information overload. So once in a while we clean up our system or phone to remove unwanted temp files or cache memory.

Daily we get attracted to zillions of information – whatsapp, facebook, emails, books, magazines, media, TV, flyers, brochures, debates, discussions, talk-shows, seminars, workshops, trainings etc.

What are you doing with so much information?

Knowledge is a garbage when you don’t take Action. It’s a burden and we have consciously & unconsciously conditioned our mind to grab in more and more information.

This daily overload of information is a primary reason for unhappiness.

So, daily you have two choice:-

1) Take in more information

2) Just sit in stillness for 30 minutes & clear out our minds for a bit.

I prefer the second option. It’s like cleaning the temp files and cache memory of the computer which pulls down the performance.

Are you looking towards peak performance & speeding up your productivity?

Sit Still daily!

Stillness is Wellness! Stillness is Happiness, Stillness is Success, Stillness is Prosperity

 “It is the space between the bars that holds the cage – Zen Master”

Just start with 1 min and gradually increase it to 10 minutes and then to 30 minutes.This one activity can help you to get rid of all your hanging problems and worries in your life.

After reading this message, stop browsing, minimise your browser, put in action immediately by following the below 7 steps:-

How to sit Still –

  1. Set a timer in your phone for 60 seconds.
  2. Sit in a very comfortable position
  3. Keep your hands rested in a comfortable position
  4. Gently close your eyes
  5. Commit to yourself that you will not make any movements for next 1 minute(no scratching, no lip smacking, no eyebrow twitching, scratching the heads, body sway etc)
  6. Sit Still for one full minute
  7. Do Nothing!

If you have developed the ability to sit for 1 minute, then gradually increase it to 2 minutes and so on.

Remember, your mind will wander everywhere during this exercise. Allow it to wander and don’t get annoyed by its distractions. That’s the nature of the mind. Allow it to do its job.

Your only job is to sit in stillness.

This one practice can help you solve all your worries, frustrations, anger, resentment, grief, sadness etc.

Stillness is Happiness!

Take ACTION now!


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