How to wake up early in the morning

Murali Sundaram

473/How to wake up early every morning – Common & Uncommon answer

I get up early around 4 am daily. Many of my friends ask me HOW I do that.

The common answers are –
Sleep early (between 9 – 9.30am)
Eat 90 mins before you sleep
Eat light dinner
Write a happiness journal
Do meditation etc

Let me share with you an uncommon answer –

There is a simple(but not easy) way to get up from bed early in the morning with loads of energy & enthusiasm.

Discovering What you WANT in life, What you LOVE to do!

If you don’t know, discovering it should be your primary job. How?

1. Ask your parents what you love to do between age 8-12 years
2. Read
3. Meditate
4. Contemplate
5. Write in a journal
6. Discuss ideas with mentor group
7. Take a break from your job & go on a sabbatical etc etc

Your primary job is to identify what ticks you, what kicks you, what motivates you.
Then put in all your energy in that direction. The side effect of this..

You will jump from your bed early morning with loads of energy & enthusiasm. You will not waste your time and you feel a sense of harmony & peace within yourself.

So, Can you get up 30 mins before from tomorrow?

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