Lessons from a Human Cell



I am delighted that you are reading this article. Why?

Trillions of cells in your body somehow assemble in a curious, intricate and obliging manner to create YOU. It is an arrangement that is so special and custom designed only for you and will only exist this once.

For the next many years(I hope so), these tiny cells without any complaints will engage in billion ways of team work & co-operative efforts to keep you intact and let you experience the grand event called “Life”. But, your microscopic cells doesn’t actually care about you-indeed, they don’t even know that you are there reading this article.

Yet somehow for the period of your existence till you log out from life, they will keep you as YOU! What a miracle!

There are enough life lessons that can be learned from these micro-intelligent cells in our own body.

Lesson # 1 Hoarding is not an option 

Every cell inside you and me functions with the smallest possible expenditure of energy. Typically, a cell stores only three seconds of food and oxygen inside its cell wall. The cell totally trusts on what is being provided at that particular moment only. Excessive consumption of food, air or water is not an option and not part of the natural design. Trillions of cells are performing this continuously, even right now, when you are reading this update. We are the bundle of these trillions of such micro-intelligent cells. When we just turn inward, we can learn this profound spiritual wisdom from your own cells. Live life simple, less is more and live in the moment. Do not worry about the future; do not hoard anything beyond your capacity. Force, control or struggle is not the way of life.

Lesson # 2 Selfless Service is the motto

Every cell in your body is marching with this slogan “I am here to serve, I am here to inspire, I am here to love, I am here to live my truth”. Do you hear that? Every cell lives with a higher purpose. It is ready to die to protect the whole body. Every minute thousands of skin cells perish; immune cells die off in fighting against invading microbes. Every cell agrees to work for the welfare of the whole body. Selfishness is not an inherent option. Selfless service is the mantra. Just ask yourself, am I living like my own cell?

Lesson # 3 Be flexible 

The cells in the body do not have rigid belief system. They live moment to moment. Adaptability is their biggest strength. They remain flexible to address the immediate needs of the body. They live in full awareness. They do not get caught up in rigid habits. Like your cell, can you live a life of heightened awareness? Can you drop your rigid habits? It is a simple habit to form. Just sit for ten minutes observing instead of speaking.  Just sit quietly to sense how the body feels. If someone irritates you, without taking your attention away, keep asking yourself, what you really feel beneath that anger until it is gone.

Lesson # 4 Accept yourself & others without any judge ment 

When you observe through microscope, you will find that every cell in your body has a set of unique functions. Liver cells functions are completely different and unique from that of stomach or spleen. Every cell recognizes that all of us are unique and important. They do not reject others, but understand and live by accepting and embracing all other cells. Every function in the body is interdependent onto others. Going alone is never an option. Acceptance & Team work is their mantra. Do you accept your own self? Do you accept your peers, colleagues, boss or your partner as they are? From now on-wards  just spend five minutes every day thinking about the best qualities of the person you dislike. Read about a group/person/society that you consider intolerant and try to see the world from their point of view for five minutes.

Lesson # 5  Communicate freely & effectively 

Cosmically powered cells in my body communicate continuously irrespective of the fact whether it likes it or not. The information should be transmitted and it agrees to serve as a channel for the flow of information. The messenger molecules race to any part of the body in no time to express even the smallest desire or intention or feeling. Refusing to communicate is never an option to the cells. Look at your own self. How many times you deliberately withdrew from a conversation or a communication flow. How many times you did not communicate what you actually intended. You fall prey to the mind intelligence rather than following the cosmically powered body intelligence. From now, let us appreciate or express our true feelings to other person immediately without holding it back. Create the habit of expressing at-least any one feeling of joy, happiness, remorse, embarrassment, guilt etc to the other person. Just allow it to flow through you. Let us communicate freely like the cell in our own body.

Lesson # 6  Action & Non-action is essential for living 

What will happen if you do not sleep for one day? Why we need sleep is still a medical mystery and we become dysfunctional if we do not enjoy its benefits. In the silence of inactivity, the body is rejuvenated, restored & incubated. Every cell in the body obeys this nature cycle and enjoys this period of inactivity daily. It helps the body to realign the hormonal and chemical imbalances to maintain homeostasis. Cells intuitively understand that being obsessively busy and active is not a healthy option. In this materialistic world, we are the busiest creatures today. We are in continuous action right from morning to night either at home or office. We are very busy satisfying others opinions & feelings. We are very busy working to pay all our debts & loans. Just spend half an hour a day in a peaceful place doing nothing except feeling what it is like to exist. When time permits, lie on the green grass and feel the earth. Practice simple relaxation techniques like whole body scanning, powerful techniques like yoga Nidra, or even taking five slow & deep breaths and feel the air coming in and going out can instantly relax yourself. Being obsessively busy is not a cosmic design. Just let go of your bus(y)ness of being busy and practice doing nothing.

I got the inspiration to write this article after reading Deepak Chopra’s Book of secrets. Kindly do read the book.

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