New Year Message 2014

My New Year 2014 message to this world. One great secret and a technique to Happiness & Success for 2014 revealed in this audio. Invest 5 mins and reap the benefit for the whole year.

Audio Transcript:

My Heartful New Year 2014 greetings to you and to your family.

Let me tell you one great secret regarding new year – Come closer…2014 will be your best year so far in your whole life. I can promise you that.


When you look back in 2013, you will realize that all your problems, issues & challenges were not caused by the educational system, political system or even by your family members or friends. Almost 99% of your problems were created by your own mind.

Happiness is an inside job and we will dedicate this year for our inner happiness.
The natural alignemnet of the universe are so precise that we are getting into you a new timeline where spiritual energies are upsuriging naturally.
We just have to align yourself to this  universal frequency.
All we have to do is to drop our worries, issues, problems of our past and all the anxieties of the future to tap into this natural or spiritual energy.
Your awareness will become more active & You can double or even triple your profits this year. Anything you start this year will flourish naturally.


To make the best use of this time and energy in 2014, we have to become aware of the present moment. We should learn how to live in the Here & NOW.
This is the year for Heartful living – living from your heart. Or in otherwords this is the year for Mindful living. In ancient indian language “Pali” – heart and mind represented by the same word. In tibetian psychology, the heart is synonymous with mind.In yoga psychology, we call that the heart is the switchboard of the mind.
To lead a Happy, Successful & Profitable 2014, Our focus for this year should be heartful or mindful living. Let this be your theme for 2014.


Allow yourself to live mindfully – completelely present in whatever action you are going to take in 2014.

For example,

If you are brushing your teeth, be with your teeth, brush & paste. Do not allow your mind to wander.

If you are bathing, just be with the water falling onto your body.

If you are eating, only be with the food.

If you are listening to your colleagues, just listen to them mindfully. Do not allow your mind to think what to talk next once they finish.

If you are walking, enjoy every step of your walk.

If you are breathing, feel every breath going in & out.

Taming the mind to be in the present moment starts with our daily mundane tasks and this is the  most important step that I request you to take in 2014. This requires consistent practice. Because Mind is like a monkey which keeps jumping from Past, future or the fantasy world.

Even if you were able to hold your mind in the present moment just for 2 seconds, that’s ok….it’s like adding two dollars into your bank account. Every time you become aware of your present moment, you keep adding 2 dollars into your mindful account.

One simple techique you can adopt is to set an alarm or a reminder once in 15 mins or 1 hour. You can use the mindfulness bell available in the play store or istore. Download this app. Set the timer to ring either once in 15 mins or 1 hour.

Mindfulness Bell

Whenever you hear the bell or the alarm you set, become aware of:-

            Posture of your body sitting or standing.

            Adjust your body. Sit erect. Upright your spine.

            Bring your awareness to the tip of your nose.

            Take one nice deep breath

            Feel the chill air as you breathe in

           Feel the hot air as you breathe out.

Just become fully aware of one deep breath. That’s it.

The more you are consistent with this one simple action, you are programming yourself to be in the present moment. Your life becomes magical & spontaneous.

Being Mindful of your breath is the action for the year 2014. This is like nurturing your roots of inherent potential. After some time you will reap the fruits of happiness, peace, calmness, focus, clarity in thinking & faster problem solving capacity.

I can promise you that you would become more productive and better in whatever would be doing. My best wishes & greetings to you for a Mindful New Year 2014.


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