Simple, Easy & Easier way to Increase your Happiness@Work

Are you Happy@Work?

Allow me to share with you three techniques (simple, easy & easier) which you can apply in your work-spot. These techniques will increase your happiness and thereby your productivity & relationships with your peers, supervisor & colleagues.

Simple Technique 1:-

Before you leave office, take a sheet of paper (or even on your comp), list down 5-10 good things that happened on that day. Talking nice to your colleagues, had a healthy or sumptuous lunch, got a new sale, solved an issue, meeting a deadline, successful client servicing, able to inspire one colleague, appreciated somebody & felt happy etc.

You can maintain this as a happiness log or happyness@work journal also. Since many of us have the tendency to remember the negative experience, it’s better to remember the positive one by writing in this journal.

Writing at-least 1 positive experience per day means, 22 in a month & 250 plus positive experiences in one full year. This list will pep you up, motivate you and above all help you during your half-yearly or annual appraisals.

Remember, the last 5 minutes of every single work day will determine your happiness at work.

If this exercise sounds boring, then let me share with you an easy way & an easier way.

Easy Technique 2:-

Can you invest just 8 seconds of this easy way.

That’s all I am going to ask you now.

Bring your entire attention to the tip of your nose & take just one full deep breath mindfully. Feel the chillness of the air as your breathe in for 4 seconds & feel the hot air coming out as you breathe out for 4 seconds. You can mentally count 1-4 for inhale and 5-8 for exhale.

Can you do this without getting distracted?

One mindful breath & you are done with today’s meditation.

Nevertheless, One mindful breath a day, keeps your unhappiness away!

Easier Technique 3: –

Everyday, when you enter your work-spot, at random look at any two people and mentally tell “I want this person to be happy”. Start doing this exercise, you will suddenly find that you are filled with lots of happiness & good things happen in your life.

If you like any one of the above 3, then, pick that one & start the practice for the next 21 days till it becomes a habit for you.

Practice promotes habits and habits deliver results.

Happyness@work = Super charged, Exciting, Rewarding, Energizing, Fun.

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